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Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition. Real people reviews

Looking at Expression 2 Anniversary Edition of Cricut

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition

Anyone can read the Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition manufacturer description, but here I decided to ask for some real buyer experiences and they were happy to give me their opinion.

Certainly not a toy! But a super slicer

I have to give up the machine for a couple of weeks and you do not want to. I have previously worked with punching and stamping equipment such as Double Do XL. Since it is quite expensive in the long run, and only one size punches I decided to switch on to the Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine.

I can set the exact level and thanks to that I go pretty fast cutting.

On a module are many motives. (Partially up to 700). When I use the machine connected to a computer I can use the motives of the free CRAFT ROOM edited directly on the computer. It can process various materials such as paper, cardboard, films, ironing sheets, flock film, plotter and much more.

Different sizes from about 30 to 60 cm (with extra available cutting mat), you can acquire the tool for stronger material if needed. A small drawback is that they do not give all cartridges, but you can find them easy on sale at fair prices.

A Final Word: The device may belong somehow in the toy group. But let me say that children should not use the machine alone and especially smaller kids, you should keep them away from this cutting machine.

Satisfied customer thoughts about Cricut Expression 2

Great machine

I´ve thought long and hard whether I should buy it or not because for me it is a high price. But now I’m really glad I did. The machine offers to the two already installed cartridges many creative possibilities and operates with absolute precision. It’s just a lot of fun here always thinking up new variations and blend into its projects. I am enthusiastic scrap booker.


Even without much knowledge, the machine can run easily; anyway here is a detailed guide in many languages. But the really great thing is when you are in the “Craft Room” official page. The only thing you have to do is load the program on the computer and logs on. Here, you can then design great on the PC.

There is a basic module that is free of charge. His own cartridges you can then register it. The screen corresponds exactly to the 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5 cm) cutting mat (or you can also enter other dimensions) and great design. It’s great; I find that here you can set size and settings exactly how you want it. Likewise, you can also enter text and images of your own here. It’s totally cool. When you finish, the designed parts will cut (you will have to connect the PC via USB with the machine). The machine then cuts out everything exactly to the designed template.

I don´t need to buy birthday cards or gift boxes. Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition simply has no limits.

So this is a really great machine after all.


Cartridges inculded with Cricut Expression 2


An half satisfied buyer point of view

The most complete review comes out of a person that pulls out some negative experiences so I was thinking that it might worth to include here this review so we can see another point of view.

I decided after countless YouTube videos for a Cricut cutting machine – actually for the expression 2.

The first machine I got was the same at the start of a “hanger” – the touch screen does not respond to touches back, then! The second came very quickly (thanks Amazon!) And I put the same go. This time, closed the screen calibration and the home screen opened! So the first motif selected times and just started testing purposes! The paper slipped under the knife when cutting back and forth – the adhesive layer of the mat did not stop! When fixing with adhesive left and right, it was in very filigree designs but not here the knife pulled the paper particles with it. (The problem I have with the mat – fixed with a special, quick release spray – a tip from YouTube.)

The next problem: I wanted to change the language to German – in the right menu, I was also where you could select “language” – but tapping the screen showed no other languages, only “English”. So update via PC – this ran for hours in a sort of endless loop, after 4 hours I have interrupted the connection. The language didn´t change. (However, it the manufacturer advertises that you can choose the language!)
Another problem is that if you typed in the design choice to the center of the icon, the subject always appeared on the screen, which is right next to it. Only if you typed exactly BEFORE, your shot came. I´ve had to recalibrate the screen to solve this error – unfortunately only for a short time, then the problem was back.

Overall, the screen is very sluggish; he often reacts only after repeated tapping. The manual is poor, though it explains each function, but no correlations or the structure of the menus.

I found one on Amazon “Cricut Expression” by Kathie Rigby. A good extra chapter goes to the Expression 2. I could not fix my problems unfortunately, but better understand the details of the machine.

I finally researched customer reviews and found that very often have problems with the screen, we can call the hours of updating as software problem and poor customer service.

My conclusion: If the machine running smoothly, they (hence two stars) are certainly great, but if problems arise from the beginning, then I do not know what that looks like in a year or two.

And then there is no help, to which one can turn!

I may recommend the company to improve its customer service, and their machines robust build. (Maybe the earlier models are better – about it I cannot judge – but the Expression 2 has disappointed me!) My machine goes back to Amazon.

What to do if you don´t want to buy cartridges.

There are two cartridges included with Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine.

The way you can work with these cartridges are somehow limited this is why you have the web page with free access named Cricut Craft Room®. The web page is: http://www.cricut.com/home/craftroom

Unsatisfied client updates with what´s ok for him.


By now I could still muster even a forerunner model, the older “Cricut expression “. So I’m totally satisfied – it is easy to use, offers many ways through which you do not have work ahead through the detour of dozens of sub-menus, but just can switch by pressing a button!

Example: the “fit to page” key – to choose his subject and presses the button, the machine calculates the largest variation that it can be used on paper and cuts the motif in bigger size. Or the “Quantity” – it makes it automatically so often cut a selected motif from the bow, as it allows the paper size. These are just two examples of many possible applications!

Mind you, all this goes with the Cricut Expression 2 also – but not on a button, but only after repeated tapping more and more “in-depth” continuous sub-menus! Cumbersome, I think – and no improvement! I like the push button operation better!

Overall we have more favorable reviews and even the net so favorable talks about some positive parts of Cricut Expression 2.

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