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Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Review

 I’ll start the review recommending the Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner. Yes, I know what you will think that they are much more expensive than other regular vacuum cleaners, but trust me: they are one of the best investments you can make. I made it in his day (2 years ago) and I’m really delighted.

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum CleanerSuction power

In these 2 years I have no problems of any kind, and have done what they assured me when I went to buy it: You will never lose its suction power. They were absolutely right. Always sucks like the first day. Its power is amazing. I use it both indoors (in any area) and to vacuum the car. And its power is undeniable. Also, I chose the animal model pro, not because I had animals when I bought it, but because having long hair, there is always hairs anywhere in the house, and aspires smoothly, and that is special to this .


If anything distinguishes the Dyson vacuums is the robustness of its materials. The plastic is super tough and resistant to all blows (I speak from experience). It is also very ergonomic, and being so small it is very easy to use and store. It has with great number of accessories, which is welcome to small corners, brush carpet batter …


In my opinion it is the best brand of vacuum cleaners. Even I have understood that their salespeople must do to sell intense courses properly.

Anyway, I’m very happy with this vacuum.

Versions of Dyson DC26

Dyson DC26 CF DC26CFMHCOMDyson DC26 CF DC26CFMHPETDyson DC26 CF DC26CFTHENTDyson DC26 CF DC26CFTHCOM dischub parallel import - foreign specification

Dyson DC26 turbinehead complete satin blue DC26THCOM

It Vacuums Well but the Design could be Better

I already knew the Dyson products and what everyone says, “is so convenient to clean!!” Yes, and does his job quite well.

Before this I have owned a Di Quattro vacuum which works but I’ve run out of accessories after the closure of the brand, so I have to eat it with potatoes. See, it’s kind of junk, but sucks dirt phenomenal.
The Dyson I always thought it was no big deal and I corroborate. Now that I use it, even more. The hose is too short and if you have something to aspire to high we have no choice but to carry the machine, which although slight, would be better not to have to charge it.

Very easy to clean, what is good is that if you forget to empty the container in the day using the vacuum cleaner, nothing happens, but you will need to do it. I don´t think you want to have their mites because they are bugs and can leave the vacuum and enter in to the house again.

That is, for more or less lazy people is great. It is not loosing suction power and is just good to perform the dirty work in the garage.

I’m happy with this vacuum cleaner, sucking very well all the dirt around the house. I just want to demystify some fame and excellence that has always seemed more linked to aesthetic and comfort issues on their ability to suction.

I can say that is very good. But it’s like buying sunglasses that everyone puts thrown back in his head, which can be very cute but its purpose is to see well with them in sunshine and protect your eyes.
Sorry for the tirade.

Rating for Dyson DC26

Rating for Dyson DC26

One of the best Vacuum Cleaners in the market

This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. I was thinking to buy another one but I am glad I have decided to buy this one. My floor recovered the shine that was lost and trace of dirt anywhere, is comfortable and get to all sites. Before it was quite expensive but with bag and nothing to do with Dyson vacuums that work without a  bag.

One of the best vacuum cleaners in the market within this price. It has a beautiful design (I like, but aesthetic tastes … well, you know that everyone has their own) and fully complies with the main function is to aim well without any trace of dust on any surface, it is very noisy in what to expect for its power, is not particularly heavy when you pick it up and price it is true that is obviously not cheap, but meets expectations for the brand (which is one of the reference in the sector) and this particular model worth every cent it costs.

It’s my fourth vacuum (the above three other well-known brands) and I can say that this one is by far the best of them. Well, if you can afford it do not doubt for a moment. Buy it!

You must try Dyson! Is the Apple of vacuums. Sturdy, well done, easy to empty, unsurpassed effectiveness, parts are very easy to find.

The Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner is very good. I recommend it.

Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Video

 Dyson DC26 Models Comparison Table

Shipping Weight
Item Model Number
Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
16.8 pounds
DC26 Multi Floor
279,99 USD
17.5 pounds
18.8 pounds
15.9 pounds
Dyson DC26 CF DC26CFTHCOM dischub parallel import / foreign specifications
16.5 pounds
Dyson DC26 turbinehead complete satin blue DC26THCOM
16.8 pounds
Review Date
Reviewed Item
Dyson DC26
Author Rating

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