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Dyson Pet Groom Tool Reviews and characteristics

Main Use and Characteristics of Dyson Pet Groom

 Dyson Pet Groom Tool ReviewsBefore we see some Dyson pet groom tool reviews let´s see some main characteristics.
  • Brushing mode to collect the loose hair of the dog,
  • self-cleaning mode: simply release the trigger and the hair will be sucked into the vacuum
  • For dogs with long fur and a half
  • Captures allergens during brushing
  • Made of durable ABS
  • Fits all Dyson models

Dogs and cats leave fur wherever they go it collects all over the home. They are many tools designed to stop dog hair spreading but their effectiveness varies and afterwards you have to clean the tool and the floor.

A new way to keep your home healthy and clean… vacuum your pet.

With the Dyson Groom tool you simply deploy the bristles then gently brush the coat. Loose fur is removed while dead skin and allergens are captured by the vacuum. And to clean up, you simply release the trigger.

Dyson groom = mess-free vacuum assisted dog grooming.

Dyson Pet Groom Tool works for many pets. Which one is yours?

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The pros

Collect a lot of hair on any pet, is very noticeable, and my house is not filled with hair all over the place.

Works well when the dog or cat get used to the noise of the vacuum cleaner, it’s clean, sucks just enough and does not hurt your pets.

For example it works great with English bulldogs just to name one.

Before Dyson pet groom I had to go out with the dogs to take care of them. Now I can brush them in my living room without producing dirt. It is recommended for all dogs who are not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Pet Groom Tool Reviews

Dyson Pet Groom Tool Reviews

Dyson Pet Groom Tool Characteristics Table

Model Dyson Groom Dog, Cat, Any pet
Year of Manufacture 2011 Dog, Cat, Any pet
Weight 14 ounces Dog, Cat, Any pet
Dimensions 8.7 x 5.1 x 4.7 inches Dog, Cat, Any pet
Other Features wide brush, pet hair Dog, Cat, Any pet

Dyson Pet Groom Tool to use with ay vacuum

Some real people Dyson pet groom tool reviews


When I think how annoying the dog brush was … The many hairs were flying about in the garden or in the home and the dog never stood still … Today I got the brush and immediately had to serve my two four-legged friends … What can I say … they kept silent. My major is afraid of everything, but she lay down after 2 minutes and ready to “suck” without a fight I had exactly three hairs on my black t-shirt. When I think how else I have always been looking … :) Why didn´t I discovered this nozzle earlier? It is Perfect. Maybe I should mention that I have a Bernese Mountain about 10 cm long hair and a half-breed with about 4 cm long hair. Works very well on both. This my personal review.


As the holder of a shedding dog I am always looking for solutions to the hair mountains in the house.
If a new promise comes in to the market I am all ears. I have ordered the brush despite the price. It adapts to many vacuum cleaners. Big mountains of hair are gone away now. The main problem for me is the noise of the vacuum and because of that I have to do the cleaning outside of the house since I have two little baby.


Yesterday we received the delivery and today I’ve tested it.
Results: dog hair very well brushed out and sucked without tangles. There are no loose hair flying around more, everything is caught. I’m very satisfied!
We have a long haired white shepherd stock, so sometimes longer coat, some shorter legs. Coat length absolutely irrelevant, all will be well brushed out.
course the dog must already be accustomed to the vacuum cleaner, but this was never a problem with us.
A top product from Dyson. I really recommend it!


This dog brush is really a great idea and my dog ​​loves to be vacuumed. One suggestion I would indeed have to make-yet why you have to hold in the brushing phase the knob while when you release the bristles back fast and not vice versa? Would really have to stuff more convenient .. Have to brush a big dog, because the finger is even a bit tired when depressed the mechanism. Otherwise I’m completely satisfied and the dog too :))

It works also with other vacuum cleaner brands not only with Dyson. What you need to look for is that the diameter of the hose is the same as the diameter provided by Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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Conclusion about Dyson pet groom tool reviews

Dyson engineers invested the same effort in designing their brushes like when they first designed their machines. Brushing the pet hair and all the mess is aspirated. For dogs with long fur and medium, you can adjust the length of the bristles with the pressure of the thumb. Effective bristles positioned at 35 °, so when pressure is applied the bristles are bent in a more upright position. Curved plate that helps ergonomically the brushing action.

  • Storage mode: When the bristles retract is not used as protection and hygiene.
  • Universal coupling: Engages in almost all Dyson vacuum cleaners vertical and sledding.
  • Brushing mode: press the trigger to show brush bristles, picks up loose hair from your pet during brushing.
  • Self-cleaning mode: just release the trigger to remove hair from the bristles and they get sucked in to the vacuum.I hope you enjoyed my Dyson pet groom tool reviews.

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