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How to Drink Fine Vodka (The best way to do it)

Many ways of drinking Vodka

If you ask how to drink fine Vodka is because you have seen many ways to do it. There is the Russian style, occidental style, and in cocktails that are a lot of them out there.

How to Drink Fine Vodka

Here I want to talk about real fine Vodka in the most original and natural style which is drinking without mixing this wonderful spirit with other drinks alcoholic or not.

First of all you must know that if you want to really experience the art of drinking it you should try to get a Vodka Made in Russia. As you will read in this hub along with the drink comes a lot of other things to consider. Like the glass you use, how you drink it, (cold or hot) what gesture you use and if you use something along with the drinking process like appetizers, soft drinks, fruits, ice and so on.

We will see also if we should drink it alone or with friends, in what occasion we drink it and finally how good is for our health.

Cool your Vodka the Right Way

How to cool your Vodka

The most common way to cool Vodka is to put ice cubes in your cup and serve the vodka. Let me tell you that if you want to drink fine Vodka like a pro you don´t want to put ice cubes in your glass because you will end up drinking more water than the real drink and you will lose the taste of the drink.


So the way to cool it is:

  • Put the glass with Vodka on top of ice cubes and wait until it gets cold.Whisky Stones | Vodka Stones
  • Use whisky stones instead of ice. These stones made from ceramic material and it holds the temperature for a longer time. On the other hand those stones won’t melt down to alter the taste of your alcoholic drink. Another benefit is that you can reuse those stones again as many times as you like.
  • You can put your glass and/or your bottle of fine vodka in the fridge so it will get cold before you drink it.

You can drink at a normal temperature like the most of the Vodka drinkers. You can use this method mostly in winter or cold days when drinking cold Vodka it just might be not as pleasant because what you are looking is to warm your body to fight the cold weather.

We should use a glass? What kind is best?

You must know that Russian people use to drink Vodka directly from the bottle. But here we are talking about how to drink fine vodka not how to drink RUDE Vodka.

So we will use a glass and the best one is a transparent one. This is because one of the most appreciated facts of this drink is that is transparent so in order to enjoy this feature you should use the most transparent glass you can find.

Avoid metallic or wooden glass or any other. You should be able to see thru the glass and the liquid inside it. This will also allow you to see if the Vodka you drink is pure. It should be like crystal water.

The glass you or cup you use it can be a small shot or a big class. Russians say that you should use a big glass if you want to do it the Russian style. Here we are to explain the way to drink fine Vodka either if it is Russian style, occidental style or ay other. So as long as your glass or cup is as transparent as possible you are good to go to belong among the fine Vodka drinkers club.

Use Transparent Glass

Use Transparent Glass

What appetizers, if any, we should use?


It is usual to use appetizers when you drink Vodka and the most traditional ones are pickles and in some parts of Russia they use green tomato prepared in a similar way as the pickles.

Another one used extensively is tomato with salt. You have to use hard tomato. If the tomato and started to get soft is not recommended. A good variety of tomato to use as an appetizer with Vodka is Kumato tomato.

The Vodka drinking processMany people use olive to go with the Vodka and is a good alternative but let me tell you that this one is a bit away from the traditional way of drinking Vodka. In most of the part where they drink Vodka is an adverse territory for an olive tree to grow up because is cold territory. In the years when this drink becomes so popular it was more usual to use pickles and tomato that was more typical to them. Nevertheless drinking along with an olive is used today widely mostly among occidental people and in well-known pubs and restaurants. We can say with no doubt about it that this turned to be a modern way to drink fine Vodka.

Vodka with Olive as modern appetizer

Vodka with Olive as modern appetizer

First of all you need to know that you have to drink the Vodka with friends or family, is like a social drink not made for lonely Woolf.

Smell the Bread to Avoid the Bad Aftertaste

Smell the Bread to Avoid the Bad Aftertaste

Take a deep breath and exhaleSteps in drinking vodka

  1. Then hold your breath, drink your shot,
  2. Smell the bread deep so the alcohol stays in your stomach and do not come back to your throat because Vodka is spirits will rise and give you a bad after taste
  3. Eat your appetizer (pickles or tomato with salt). This is to bring you a nice flavor.

There is a way of drinking Vodka that require 3 shots of this alcohol like some sort of ceremony. Al those shots follow four steps already described before. In most parts of Russia they use these three shots always before dinner.

  • The first shot is mostly for you and your friends.
  • The second shot is for our parents.
  • The third and last shot is for those that are no longer among us, we drink for them and with them.

You can use orange juice to drink after these three shots to avoid the aftertaste if you don´t like it.

100 Gr Vodka contains

Water 66,50 g
Alcohol 33,50 g
Calories 235 kcal

How good is Vodka for your health?

This drink belongs to the group of alcoholic beverages.

Here we have some information about the nutritional characteristics, properties and benefits of the vodka to your body as well as the amount of the main nutrients.

This drink, because of its alcohol content, should be taken in moderation. The degree of alcohol of vodka is around 33.50 °. This means that for every liter of vodka, about 33.50 cl are alcohol.

The vodka is among low-sodium foods as 100 g. It has only 1 mg.

Among the nutritional properties of vodka we find the following nutrients: 0.01 mg. Iron, 0 g. protein, 0 mg. calcium, 0 g. fiber, 0 mg. Iodine, 0 mg. Zinc, 0 g. Carbohydrate, 0 mg. magnesium 0 ug. vitamin A, 0.01 mg. vitamin B1, 0.01 mg. vitamin B2, 0 mg. Vitamin B3, 0 ug. Vitamin B5, 0 mg. also vitamin B6, 0 ug. and Vitamin B7, 0 ug. Vitamin B9, 0 ug. vitamin B12, 0 mg. vitamin C, 0 ug. Vitamin D, 0 mg. Vitamin E, 0 ug. Vitamin K, 5 mg. phosphorus 235 kcal. calories, 0 mg. cholesterol, 0 g. sugar and 0 mg. purine.

How to Drink Fine Vodka the funny way (video)

Because it has a low-level of sodium, drinking vodka is beneficial for those who have high cholesterol or are overweight.

I have included here ideas from the internet and outside of it as well as personal thoughts. If you like an exotic way of drinking vodka you should read my Vodka Watermelon Tutorial. Feel free to add your comments and tell us what you think and feel about this guide in order to help us to improve. I don´t claim this one like the best way of enjoying Vodka but it certainly is a very good guide to follow if you want to know How to Drink Fine Vodka.

How to Drink Fine Vodka (The best way to do it)
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How to Drink Fine Vodka (The best way to do it)
There many ways to drink Vodka but there is only one good way How to Drink Fine Vodka. Learn which is the good one in order to enjoy it better
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