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How to Make Antiperspirant With Vodka

Why a vodka antiperspirant?

How to Make Antiperspirant With VodkaLearn to make antiperspirant with vodka the easy way! I might be surprised by this “crazy” idea but let me tell you that many of the compounds included in commercial antiperspirants are bad for your skin. Just for the sake of example I will mention that many of them include aluminum which is harmful, among all, for the menopausal woman. The aluminum and parabens included in antiperspirants were signaled among scientists as a breast cancer cause.

Propylene Glycol included in some deodorants may cause damage to liver and kidney. Another compound of commercial products is Triclosan which can harm the principal function of Thyroid. The good part of the vodka antiperspirant is that is chemical-free. Also the alcohol is good to kill germs.

An easy way to do it is to mix 1 part of Vodka and 2 parts of water and mix it in a recipient with spray, You can use it in your body and cloth to prevent bad smell, this one it is a old trick used in Broadway. In this article I will go a bit further and explain how you can add fragrance or how you can make solid vodka antiperspirant.

I have to say that is not good for woman who are pregnant or mothers which are still giving the breast to their child. But they can prepare the mixture for other members of the family.

Things you will need

Talcum Powder or Corn StarchTalcum Powder or Corn Starch

coconut oilCoconut Oil

baking sodaBaking Soda
scent oilScent Oil distilled waterDistilled Water proof vodkaProof Vodka of 80 or 100

Solid Vodka Antiperspirant

For this one we will need some handwork to do.

Some tools you will need:

  • Molds (is better to get them oiled)
  • A bowl (to mix everything)
  • Boiler pot.

Before you begin you should put your child away, you know it is better to prevent undesired accidents. Another good idea is to protect the workspace with some old newspapers or something similar.

  1. Into the bowl stir generously 4 Oz of cornstarch and 2 Oz of Baking Soda.
  2. Now you will have to work with the Coconut Oil and you will need about 8 Oz. Use the boiler pot to melt down the oil, it is better to do it at a low heat so you can control everything. When it is liquid mix it with the mixture we have already from the first step. You should mix it all until it becomes homogeneous, you can use a cheap blender to do the job. Instead of the Coconut Oil you can use beeswax instead of the Coconut Oil, just that in this case you will have to use a double boiler instead of a regular boiler pot. With the beeswax maybe you should heath the mix from time to time so it stays liquid during the mixing.
  3. Now add 2 Oz of Vodka along with 20 drops of essential oils and 2 Oz of Distilled Water. After you have mixed everything pour the mix into the molds. After it hardens you should take it out of the molds and store it in a some sort of bag or recipient that don´t let the air pass so it will keep up its original texture: If not it will shrink and get dry and useless.
  4. Use as you need. I use it 4 times a day. You can use it as a deodorant also

As stated before you can be creative and use essential oils as you like. You can use only one or you can mix some of them to get your own personal fragrance. You will only have to be sure that you use the right quantity (20 drops).

Liquid Antiperspirant With Vodka

Mix the Vodka (1/8 cup) and add (2/8 distilled water) and, another ingredient that I forgot to mention, witch hazel (3 tablespoons). Now comes your personal touch when you decide what fragrance to add. You can use one essential oil or mix a few of them to get different fragrances. You will have to use 5 drops no matter if is only one oil or few of them.

You will have to use a spray bottle. You will apply the antiperspirant mix beneath your arms, feel free to use the amount you feel comfortable. If you want to insure that your body won´t have an allergic reaction to it, test it on the tip of your finger!

It will take you less than 5 minutes to make it and it can last for about 6 months. And it has only natural ingredients that will do no harm to your body or skin. Thanks to the alcohol it will evaporate fast and won´t produce stain.


It is a flammable mix because of the alcohol. Do not use near open fire!

Recycle a Used Antiperspirant Recipient

You can use it as you do it with commercial antiperspirants.

If you like the commercial antiperspirants I have some good news for you. You can use the mix you have made like a regular commercial one. You can buy an empty recipient and filled with the solid antiperspirant mixture while is still liquid, another good idea if you want to recycle and respect the environment you can use one of your old recipients that you have around the house and clean it well before using it again and again. Be an ecologist and get involved in to recycling! Mother earth will be grateful.

As for the roll-on recipient, you can use it with the liquid antiperspirant mix. The only thing is that it is to liquid you have to handle it with care because it is a bit more liquid than normal roll-on and it might leak.

The use of this tutorial is to show you the way to avoid commercial full of chemical deodorants, and maybe another use of Vodka that you haven´t thought of. Now you can use the Vodka even if you are a non-alcoholic. The process is quite easy to follow and it will take you only a small amount of time rewarding you with months of sweat protection. Isn´t that nice?

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Now, go and surprise your family, friends and neighbors with your new skills! (Maybe you want to invite them to prepare it with you.) Tell them that you know how to make antiperspirant with vodka and gift them with it.

How to Make Antiperspirant With Vodka
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