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Review Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB (STBV2000200)

In this Review Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB (STBV2000200) we start with a bit of history. Seagate it is a major American manufacturer of hard drives, founded in 1979 and headquartered in California (NASDAQ:STX). We use its hard drives in a variety of computers, from servers, desktops and laptops to other consumer devices such as PVR, Xbox console and more.

Seagate LogoSeagate was the largest manufacturer of hard drives for computers in the world. This time we will analyze the external hard drive of the brand Seagate Desktop Expansion 2TB model. This external hard drive draws attention first for its elegant design, storage capacity and the price at which we found it. Product packaging is stylishly presented, summarizing the general characteristics and the back of it, find a more detailed details, along with a mention of the technologies that make use. We have everything you need to start working. We include a power adapter, a connector for European wall, a wall plug for UK, USB cable, manual and finally the external hard drive.

As for the connections we see a power connection and a Super Speed ​​USB 3.0 port support, we will get a higher speed than normal. We’ll see the results in the technical tests. It also has some vents to prevent overheating of the internal disk.review seagate expansion desktop 2tb - the boxThe disc has the following measures 1.57 x 4.96 x 8.15 mm and a weight of 1240 gr. This is something that strikes me fairly, considering the year we live in an external hard drive 3.5 “instead of 2.5″. Nevertheless it is not too bulky. The material of the hard drive cage is of high quality, although it seems a kind of metal, nothing is further from reality is hard plastic that simulates steel.

Technical information table Review Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB (STBV2000200)

Size 7.07 x 4.65 x 1.48 inches, 2.06 pounds
OS Required Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista / 7
Interfaces 1 x USB 3.0
Cables Included 1 x USB cable maximum speed – 45.7 cm
Service & Support 2 years warranty
Other sizes capacities Yes: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB

If we turn the hard drive will see the four rubber feet to avoid movement and shake the disc on unstable surfaces. Once the supported slope is entrained.

An other point which normally does not match the reviews mention in the warranty because it is understood that when purchasing a product, it incorporates a per X years. But on the issue if hard disks highlight important because they are usually devices that can be damaged by a hit unexpectedly. The warranty provided by Seagate is 2 years.
review seagate expansion desktop 2tb - sizeOnce spoken about the technical details, design features and then start with performance tests. Test Equipment:

  • Intel i7 950 @ 4GHz
  • Asus Sabertooth x58
  • 3 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance (1600 MHz 12 GB)
  • Windows 8 Pro X64

These are the results obtained in CrystalDiskMark 3.0.2 x64 version, note that the drive was connected to a USB 3.0 port.review seagate expansion desktop 2tb - crystaldiskmark
The results obtained within the program HD Tune are almost the same as those seen with the previous program.

review seagate expansion desktop 2tb - hd tune pro

We have seen that the results obtained in the tests were quite satisfactory, we must remember that the motherboard is not the best for this type of performance tests then the results will be higher than we can see.

Real people Review Seagate Expansion Desktop 2TB – STBV2000200

Maria:  More capacity at a lower price.

Increase capacity but the price of them goes down a bit, it’s wonderful, and if not come down in price to keep them is more than enough, as currently having 2TB is more than enough, but in a few months this sure has changed. This disc is ready to transfer files at high-speed, although this computer (usually) source is that you have a USB 3.0 connection, and today not everyone possesses, well, almost none. A disc that has a system of independent current with what we need an outlet nearby, but saving this peculiarity is a normal disk, a small one, the only thing is that if you weigh a little, but hey, is not negative. The speed of files is fast, but with a USB 2.0 connection port, have not tried with a USB 3.0 port for now, but I’d appreciate the speed at which it can run. Files are treated like any other disk, you just have to drag them from one point to another, then see how the album starts running, makes a little noise and a slight vibration. It’s not expensive are talking about and drive 2 tb Seagate, which to me is a great brand, and important quality. Currently doing very well, we use it as a giant warehouse, and we do not usually delete anything, only we put files in the business, and is perfect. You can put it on any computer, just plug it in, wait a few seconds (depending on the computer) and you’re not recognize it as another drive, it is very simple.


Today we’ll talk about this new hard drive that I have. I bought it because I run out of space for another hard drive of the same capacity. This hard drive as I say in the title is 2 TB. It is a product that is designed for computers that have USB 3.0. although if you have version 2.0 on your computer only does not have problems. I am using usb 2.0 and I am going great. What I can tell you that I have more than 40% used between backup nero backup, videos and documents golds. My User Input: It is a product that is not of my highest cost me about 84 € in February 2013. and is a very stable product has not yet given me problems. I must comment that is connecting and working as soon as it detects that you check if you see the light (blue) flashes when the detecting or are working with him. Until I think of something more

Diane: Seagate 2tb expansion box store

I’ll be fast as the HDD. Comfortable and spectacular design, simplicity, and very quiet. The USB 3.0 cable long enough so that you can place on the part of the desktop / table where you will do better. Some of the higher profits that I see is that no on-off button. If you remove it safely turns itself off automatically. If you turn off the pc itself off, you have to go specifically to disconnect.What a great advantage it. I can only say that after comparing brands and prices in stores neighborhoods. In this business have the best price and quality assured. Greetings I’m still impressed as you may have taken this external hard drive for just 70 € for me is the best price I’ve seen.

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