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Roomba iRobot 780 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Prior to its launch we have achieved us a Roomba 780, in order to do a Roomba iRobot 780 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review the “premium” model of the new Roomba 700 series, recently released in the United States. Find out what offers iRobot in one of the most anticipated releases in the world of robot vacuum cleaners.

We have a Roomba 780 in our possession and, yes, what we are going to discover the new features and improvements of the robot vacuum cleaner . Let’s do this!

Roomba iRobot 780 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ReviewDesign

As we have seen in pictures, each model in the new Roomba 700 series has certain peculiarities in their design that make each one is slightly different. This specifically, the Roomba 780 is notable for its simplicity and elegance . Keeping the same dimensions as its predecessor the 500 series , the naked eye can see the new changes:


Display with Touch Screen . Only preserves the Central CLEAN button to activate / stop the cleaning cycle. Have gone from black to metallic silver colors. The robot vacuum cleaner measures change very slightly from the earlier series in inches, going from 13.4 to 13.9 inches, remaining in the range of 35 cm in diameter.

Without the measures forward, undergo two identically sized machines. The bumper but remains, is stylized. The handle keeps your hand shape and yes, change the dump button, stop being a button itself to become a kind of tab.


These are the components and accessories that have found this version of Roomba 780 :

  • Base Auto reload
  • 2 virtual walls LightHouse: virtual walls and act as guides the robot.
  • 2 Filters Extra HEPA
  • 1 Set of Extra Brushes
  • Two parts cleaners
  • Rechargeable long battery life
  • 3-hour quick charger
  • Remote control
  • + User Manual Quick Start Guide

roomba 780 accesory components

As we look and feel, as I say, a touch screen display where the biggest news certainly outside its futuristic and simple design is the bin full light . The new Roomba alerts when your tank is full of dirt and needs to be changed.

In addition to this light that glows on the bottom (red) are, from top to bottom: clock , the battery level indicator , the classical CLEAN button that maintains its functions (on / off, play / pause) the warning light error and then the four touch buttons that share functionality: DOCK, CLOCK, SCHEDULE, or SPOT DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, OK to program the robot.


Carefully study the navigation system of the new Roomba 780 . Leo the one hand they have improved the technology iAdapt property of the vacuum robots iRobot Roomba which allows suits every kind of home and ground monitoring the environment 60 times per second and combining this information with the collection for their multiple sensors and different patterns of behavior , depending on the area they are cleaning.


This, among other things, means that the robot is able to spend more time on the dirtiest areas. He uses what they called Dirt Detect Series 2 or, which is the same: an updated version of its technology Dirt Detect ( soil detector ): a combination of optical and acoustic sensors to detect dirt (small hard particles acoustic, softer and larger with the optical sensor). If much accumulation, the robot will repeatedly (in a movement from front to back) on this area to ensure cleanliness.


On your cleaning system, say the first Roomba maintains its system in 3 stages, improved deposit change and new filters.

  1. Clean the side brush.
  2. The two central brush roll captures dust and dirt.
  3. The engine vacuum absorbs dust and dirt, storing it in the tank where dust and other impurities are filtered with double HEPA filter that incorporates. As seen in the picture, the side brush is similar to earlier Roomba 500 Series.

What we are something different the central brushes , here, spares to appreciate them better:roomba 780 brushes

The cleaning modes are classic to which we are accustomed guys iRobot:

– Clean or Clean mode : the robot automatically calculates the room size and adjusts the cleaning time.

– Spot and Stain Mode : Fast cleaning one point: the robot aims spiral one area about 1 meter in diameter.Yes, we have a new release : do not know how I will call in Spain but in English becomes something likeClean Mode Pass Persistent (Persistent Pass Cleaning Method) and that means that in areas where the robot find much dirt accumulation will repeated passes , imitating the movement of a conventional vacuum cleaner up and down, to leave the area completely clean.

And how the robot detects dirt? Besides sensors, this model includes Dirt Detect 2 technology, adding optical and acoustic sensors that detect and find the dirt.

Let’s take a look at the new depot , which for now I can say that belongs to the second generation of Aerovac Bin , a piece specially designed to pick up dust and hairs in a more efficient way to get more out of the vacuum cleaner suction motor.


Although at first glance it may look identical to previous Roombas, is the approach that we find the differences and you can clearly see the system of double HEPA filter , which I have read that is able to capture particles down to 0.3 microns.


Now let’s check the capacity of your tank using water and our measuring cup.

500 ​​ml. approximately normal as the deposits of iRobot.


It remains to consider supplements. I present the new remote control of Roomba, sober and functional. And here, a detail of one of the new Lighthouse virtual walls with its double function: virtual wall lighthouse.

roomba 780 the remote controlroomba 780 virtual wall

And I think we’re ready to start with our 3 tests . Let’s see what he can do this Roomba 780!


In this first test is to test the navigation system iRobot Roomba 780 and how it operates in a real setting, facing obstacles everyday can be as carpets, cables, small slopes, small spaces, nooks …The cleaning mode as always automatic. We give Clean and action!

Step 2 inches high: amazement robot behavior, which rises as the first and effortlessly , as if it were flat. Actually, we were pleasantly surprised. Fits on the fly to different surface types .

Confined Space: size of robot + 4 inches: it is introduced to the bottom and the first half or so of the video, you can see how to completely clean every corner and edge of our small space. Perfect.

Carpet: no problem, not even a change of pace in the robot does not note, it seems that it costs you to change surface. Moreover, completely clean, as seen by past.

Cable: no problem. Spend over him as if he were.

Our Verdict : Its navigation system is based on algorithms as or more effective than earlier versions. If we add significant enhancements to its displacement, total adaptation to the ground (like slides for carpet tile, upping the gap, it’s amazing) and makes less noise than its predecessors: this test exceeds high note.


In this test, however, we evaluate the efficiency of cleaning robot iRobot Roomba 780, or what is the same, how much dirt can collect. To do this, we spread 100 grams of soil (breadcrumbs) in our testing area, we activate the robot in its cleaning cycle automatically , and once returning to base, the tank emptied on an electronic balance.

Result: 97% of the collected dirt. An excellent result , even above the Roomba 581 and the highest we have achieved to date: of 100 grams has collected 97 .

Our verdict: each test we’re convinced that this is a improved version of Roomba, iRobot’s boys have taken good care of the details.


Finally, we test the power of aspiration Roomba 780 , their effective cleaning system in 3 stages and coordinating your brush set. The challenge: various objects / dirt very different sizes . To see what can aspire. These are: – Breadcrumbs – Rice – Lacasitos – Coin 2 cents – Coin of 5 cents – AAA size batteries.

Roomba iRobot 780 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review Characteristics Table:

Features iRobot
Roomba 780
Color GREY
Weight (Kg) 3.85
Charging time (hours) 3
Standby time (hours) 1.5
Dimensions (cm) (diameter and
35 x 9.2
Power (w) 33
Remote control YES
Programming YES
Virtual walls YES
Fuel tank capacity (liters) 0.5
Battery (Type) 14.4 V NiMH
Side brushes YES
Main brushes YES
Filter type HEPA
Base Charge YES
Type Navigation SMART


The result: despite having some trouble at first with the larger objects that the truth is just sucking everything but the 2 cent coin, too flat, maybe for your brushes.

Our verdict: it is able to suck almost anything you throw at it.


Global Electronic Solutions. Besides that and depending on where you buy the Roomba might have to ask the security accounts elsewhere ( Redcoon, Sinwest …). In principle, and as I know, these machines have a 2 year warranty.

There are many places where you can meet the Roomba accessories include the service and maintenance of the official distributors: go to your home and fetch the they cleaned, make the necessary changes and get it back home.



Under the circumstances we had to make a quick test to the new Roomba 780 . We have been convinced in that is higher than the 500 series, with enhanced detail and optimized aspects: the issue of noise (is more silent), adaptation to any obstacle, its double HEPA filter , reporting full tank, sailing more fluid …

Also see another point in its favor too: your new battery has a 50% longer life than previous versions.Failing to discover what it will cost in our country (being also the premium model I imagine that will have to start saving now) and without regard to their national version and accessories which undoubtedly is one of the great protagonists of world of robot vacuum cleaners.

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