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The Best nailer and why I am searching the best.

It took me a full weekend to find wich is the best nailer. And I found more than one and this is the reason that I have made a research to get a better view inside of these useful tools. I need to do this not only for fun. It was important to help me decide wich one I should buy for my particular needs.

Now that I have spent all this time in this I would like to share it with you so it may help you to make your choice. I wanted to find all this research all done but it was not so. This is why I try to save you some time, I really hope it serves you.

First opinion

First time in my life that happened my boss trusted me to buy something that we shall all use as a working tool. I started to search thinking that it will be an easy task and I will have some spare time to do something for me in office hour. God I was so wrong. So many things to look for: Air-powered, electrical, driving power, nail capacity and so many other characteristics to consider.

I want to do a good job and that my boss will be grateful so I´ve made an excel spreadsheet to compare the features among more than 20 different nailers from the best manufacturers. This is how I have come out with the top 3 best nailers that I am showing you in this post.

Product Dimensions 23 x 16 x 6 inches 20,8 x 4,9 inches 18,4 x 16,2 x 6,2 inches
Weight 9,2 pounds 7.5 pounds 10.4 pounds
Power Source Cordless-electric Air-powered Air-powered
Nails Capacity 60 64 225 – 300
Nails 2.0″ to 3.5″ 21-degree framingnailer Round-head 2- to 3-1/2-inchframing nailer 1-1/2 to 3-1/4 inches
Operating Presure 80-120 PSI 70-120 PSI 70-120 PSI
Housing Magnesium carbon steel toenail andtwo-piece aluminum magazine Aluminium
Warranty in years 7 5 7
Head Type Round Full Head Round

Comparison table of what we can do with the best nailer

Framing * * *
Sheathing * * *
Strapping *
Siding * * *
Trusses * *
Exterior decks * *
Bridging * * *
Crating *
Wood to masonry * * *
Heavy duty block pallet assembly *
Heavy duty picket fence assembly *
Installing metal connectors *
Engineered lumber * *
Strapping *
Fencing * *

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Bostitch N80CB

the best nailer - 1st place Bostitch N80CB

The Best Nailer – 1st place Bostitch N80CB

Why this nailer stands in this place:

It can have from 225 to 300 nails loaded – this is very handy to work for a long period, although it could be a problem for some workers because of the weight. A tool with 300 nails load it is a bit heavier that one with a 60 nails load.

This is a Coil Framing Nailer, see the table to see other areas that you can use it. Another aspect is that thanks to the rounded form of the loading part his overall size it is smaller than other nailers.


One point of view from a buyer.

Worth its price. I have to rebuild my loft and I was in a need of a good nailer as an almost indispensable tool to carry out the task. I have fired 3000 nails and the unit worked perfectly. The correct working pressure it is very important, which is somehow in the middle (not too high, not too low). An adjustable pressure regulator according to the compressor is therefore mandatory. With this regulator connected the device works fine.

Only when the nails in the magazine went to the end I was unable to work properly, it came to blockages of the “shooting” mechanism. But if refill the device in time it will be no problem (load the nailer before reaching to the last nails). I would again buy the device at any time. For long overhead work with the unit of time is quite difficult. From my point of view, price / performance is good and thus I will mark this as the Best Nailer and a “buy recommendation”

Bostitch F21PL

This Nailer stands in this place in my top three among Best nailers because it is able to work with nails for framing and metal connector also. So he serves two different and yet related purposes. Also I have to say that I need to talk about an electric nailer also along with air powered ones.

This electric nailer does his job just as well as his air-powered brothers.

A professional user of the tool says: So I can only say that this device works very well. I have the unit for three years and I am using it in the professional area (floor covering), I am using the tool about 5, 6 hours daily and the nailer never lets me down. I believe that after all that time of use the fact that a tool it is still working fine it is really a plus.

Best Nailer 3rd place Hitachi NR90AES

Best Nailer 3rd place Hitachi NR90AES

Hitachi NR90AE(S)

I allow this place to Hitachi Nailer because of his reduced weight compared to others. This is no reason to belive that it will be lacking in power.


Super Ware. A great device considering this low price. I recommend it.

Deployments without problems. The air powered nailer is very handy. Expectations completely fulfilled. Works reliably and I can handle it very well and fast. Value for money OK.

Great device. I´ve bought the device for commercial use and I am perfectly happy with it. I have only shotted a few nails but I am glad that I didn´t bought a bore expensive device. Air consumption is almost non-existent. Feels high-quality.

Best Nailer ResearchSimply good. If you can deal with such a device, it’s really fun to work with, if you connect it to the proper compressor. The best choice for me I would buy again


All 3 Nailers include

Easy to use even for beginners

Lite weight that make them a good tool for workers that are in the need of using it all day long.

Much better and faster than an old-fashioned hammer.

Long term warranty 5 years or more.

Which is the difference between them

Some are air-powered and some are electrical.

Wich one to choose? Depends much in what you want them for.

Do you have a compressor? If not you better go for the electrical if you don´t plan to buy or rent a compressor.

Now an interesting difference is that Bostitch N80CB it can have more nails loaded than any other and this provides the worker with longer time to work with out the need of reload

Some are for framing and some for heavy-duty work (see the table for more details). If you need only for framing then you might wont to choose the cheapest one.

Wich one is the best nailer?

The Best nailer and why I am searching the best.
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The Best nailer and why I am searching the best.
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