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Vodka Zinger Gourmet Cocktail Tool. What it is and how to use it.

What is Vodka Zinger Gourmet Cocktail Tool any way?

Vodka Zinger Gourmet Cocktail ToolBasically it is a small infuser. Vodka zinger gourmet cocktail tool belongs to a manufacturer named zinganything. They made first an infuser for the water and after that one comes this Vodka infuser. They produce also another two products named citrus zinger and salad zinger.

I wrote some posts about using vodka to infuse fruits and how to drink the vodka itself. Most of those tutorials need a bit of work to reach the result and maybe you will get messy in your kitchen. This gadget described here today is a good alternative if you want to do it more often and let´s say a bit professional. I must say that the amount of infused Vodka is good enough for a person or two, if you need more quantity you will have to prepare more than one.

Let´s say you want to make pineapple infused with vodka. In the old fashion way you have to use a jar, put the pineapple inside and you will have a large measure of pineapple infused vodka. The same process it is used for strawberry or any other fruits that you can imagine of.

Vodka Zinger Natural Flavor Infuser


How to use Vodka Zinger Gourmet Cocktail Tool

I don´t think is too much difference between the vodka zinger and any other zinger they make. If it happens to have a zinger you have already compared them.

It is a filter system on the bottom then you have a top part so you can filled with liquid Vodka.

Put some fruits in there in small slices (whatever you like, star fruit for example.) then you give some twists.

On top of this part it comes a filter which has two purposes. One is to filter out only the liquid and let pass thru the vodka.

You connect the stainless steel pot on top of that and you can see that as you twist it will grain the fruits inside. Now take your favorite vodka and add as much as you need. I suggest you use a good vodka and with the most neutral tastiest possible.

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Here comes a trick: The less amount of vodka you use the most fruity flavor you get. You will have to turn it the upside down and give it a couple of shakes then turn it again to the normal position and let it rest for 6 to 24 hours, maybe you want to shake it from time to time. You can put it in the fridge so when it is done it will be ready to drink it.

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Zing Anything Vodka Zinger White

Zing Anything Vodka Zinger White

What kind of fruits we can infuse.

I am not sure if the grinder can take it but you can try with skittles. Maybe you can grind them in another grinder because the one that comes with the Vodka Zinger Gourmet Cocktail Tool is not that strong.

I do not suggest blueberries I have tried that and it does nothing. It only gives color and looks nicely put with no flavor but vodka flavor. I have tried it with some sour mix. Blueberry just don´t work. They have the flavor only in the skin. Maybe if you let them infuse a lot longer it will bring out that desired blueberry flavor.

Strawberry is very good for that, any juicy fruits, watermelon probably, melón may work.

I can can buy strawberry vodka and it can be cheaper tan if I am doing it myself I don´t know. But if you want to be creative and do something unique then try something that you can´t find in the store or in any written cocktail recipe.

If the fruit you use does not have enough amount of sugar or is too sour or you just want to get a sweeter flavor then consider using a syrup instead of just adding sugar. Maybe you can use some syrup with a flavor a bit different from the fruit you infused.

When you make fruits infused with vodka you will get a drink that will not give you that the residuals witness which comes with a drink that you buy from a store.

As a nice touch if you want a nice presentation you can cut a slice of the fruit you used to make your infusión and put it on your glass to get a nice and tropical look.

You can buy this zinger from amazon, maybe you can find it cheaper out there but I like to buy from a place with a recognized good customer service.

You can try this zinger with other spirits like rum and any other that comes to your mind. You can mix it with soda to get a different taste.

The negative parts

Some clients say that it leaks as a negative part but they stated the design as a good part.

Another negative part, as some unsatisfied customer states, is that the grinder doesn´t work with any fruit. If you use fruits like strawberry, melon, and similar you will be ok but if you want to use fruits with a stronger flesh like an apple or similar then you might need some other external grinder.

I have arrived to the same conclusion myself when I wanted to infuse some hard flesh fruits.

Another unsatisfied customer says that for him it is better a regular tabletop juice maker or blender.

Let me say as a personal opinion that the purpose of the Vodka zinger is to infuse the fruit with and not to extract the juice as a regular juicer, so I believe that it depends on what your expectation are.

This gadget named vodka zinger gourmet cocktail tool I am using in my lonely weekends.

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