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Never again without Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Fortunately we bought Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter on May 2012 and we don´t regret it, we use it to grill our meat almost every day. The processing looks solid and the handle will not get too hot even when is full loaded. You can handle the chimney starter very well, just that sometimes turns a bit hot in my hands. However you should always wear gloves, you never know. Inside the Weber 7416 we have space enough for a full charge load of a ’57 grill. Whether one fills briquettes or charcoal does not matter. It takes two to three dry papers underneath or just a sheet of newspaper and wait for about 30 minutes. It is crucial that the coals are completely covered with ashes. Then they can go on the grill. The chimney starter has become a helper when lighting barbeques fire. Of course you can do it the old fashion way without this useful tool but let me tell you that once you have used a chimney starter you won´t want to do it like before.

Fire in the hole

Never again without Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter


Addendum – January 2014

Our chimney starter has passed many uses and always have proved himself as a good barbecue starter and honors his name “Rapidfire”.
Important: Let the coal in the BBQ to breathe about 5 minutes. You have to supply the fireplace in the coal with plenty of oxygen. If you have a kettle grill, then you have a closed lid so the conditions change rapidly, so that the coal changes his ignition behavior


Note that coal does not always behave the same. Briquettes are much heavier than carbon from wood (eg Dancook). Normal charcoal ignites the easiest. Then the ignition behavior is of course determined by the degree of humidity. If it smokes, then the coal is usually moist and harder to strike.

How much coal?

Flat grill with many people on a ’57 grill:

A full fireplace chicken on the spit or beer-can chicken:

half. Fireplace grill baskets distributed in two ducks on the spit:

A three-part for coal fireplace in two baskets.

Roast: low and slow: A quarter of a fireplace in a coal bin. Our fireplace has already brought us many happy steaks. We have not counted, but there have been about 200 times. He no longer looks nice, but always perfectly fulfilled his job. Therefore, I have ordered a second one with the offer price. Since yesterday, I could never get past it. It is normal some smoke at first, you have to take care that your neighbour don´t call the fireman.

Which kind of coal?

  • Short grilling time – ordinary charcoal.
  • Briquettes – Longer BBQ sessions.
  • Medium term jobs: indirectly – briquettes.

Personally, I avoid the use of some low-priced briquettes because in case of direct contact with the food you will end grilling your meat with charcoal.

When it is very cold we use our Dutch-Oven. We grill 365 days a year.

A family man says: I wish I´ve had it before

Be respectful with the environment

There are Charcoal that are ecological. Yes they can use fallen trees, branches from pruning and so one. Be sure to buy those who use these resources. If we reject products that are not ecological we are working for our children’s better future.

There are things in life which make a your life enormously happier like this fire starter. I’ve always made the barbecue fire in the traditional way. Sometimes with a lot of smoke and so on until I saw this fireplace. It produces better long hot barbecue briquettes. Good price / performance ratio will be easy to find on the briquettes from the net market, 3 kg = 3 USD. If it should last a long time, here you can find on the net briquettes from Australia or something similar. The material quality of Weber is excellent. It’s hard to believe, but they burn so well that we can even see the flames. Produces smoke? I’d say 2-3 minutes it smokes and then off you go. So easy and fast to have a barbecue fire, is really awesome.

Sometimes you want to see your family all together and it may result difficult because they all have their own way of enjoying life. But when I am making a barbecue I is like a magic, they all come together without any problem. Thanks Weber for helping me to keep my family together.

Take care of your hands

I just want to advice you again that you have to use gloves even it th fire starter owns a good handle against burning. You never know when a briquette falls down or something weird happens and you can get burned. It is easier to protect than to cure after something bad happens.

Manufacturer´s description

Steps to use RAPIDFIRE:

  1. One to two ignition cubes on the coal grate of the grill cart (if you don´t have ignition cubes, if necessary, put two crumpled sheets of newspaper in the bottom of the chimney) and light it.
  2. Place the chimney starter filled with the required amount briquettes.
  3. Once the top briquettes are covered with a white-gray ash, hold the chimney starter on both handles – use oven mitts – lift and gently distribute the glowing briquettes for the direct or indirect method on the charcoal grill grate.

No lighter fluid needed: Height: about 30.5 cm, Ø 19 cm

The aluminized finish is very heat resistant. 

Another client point of view

I’ve Tried different igniting systems. I have always used an electric igniter. Because I was personally annoyed that the coal / briquettes always had to be so difficult to make everything burn. Now I have the Rapidfire for a few weeks and am pleasantly surprised.

How to use a charcoal chimney


I have a 47cm Weber Grill. It Takes about 20 minutes, then the coal is covered at the top with a gray layer, and the briquettes can be distributed on the grate.
When the heat falls, for various reasons, then simply fill again, burn, to glow, and refill. I Can recommend the fire-starter to anyone. So practical the handle to prevent hand burning.

This igniting system it preserves a good flavor to the food and ti is very easy to use even for my child (12 years old), of course I am there he is not allowed to do it alone.

After two years of heavy use, it’s a bit blackened, but there’s no rust. After you use it for some time it will lose color but it can still work like a charm.

A woman says: WOW!

I ordered the RapidFire for my compatriot Giovanni and it and was very impressed from the first time when he seen the box size. There is enough room there to fit a 2.5 kg charcoal bag.
At the bottom of the chimney starter it is internally divided by a grid, so you can separate the coal from the lighter and enhance the chimney effect.
To make it work you only need a used newspaper and after a short time (20-30 minutes – depending on the quality of the coal and air supply), you have the perfect glow.
Another distinct advantage is that it produces almost no smoke at all after lighting, actually the charcoal burns so nice. The material gives the impression of “last forever” and justifies the higher price compared to other products. My opinion: I can fully recommend the Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

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